Eagle Alloy


We have a printable version of the facilities list available for your convenience.

Eagle Alloy Facilities List

Last updated  8/22/16

Melting & Pouring Equipment

  • Three 5,000 lb. Dual-Trak Inductotherm Coreless
    Induction Furnaces with 2000KW Power Supply
  • Three 5,000 lb. Dual-Trak Inductotherm Coreless
    Induction Furnaces with 1750KW Power Supply
  • Two 5,000 lb. Inductotherm Coreless Induction
    Furnaces with 1500KW Power Supply
  • Two 5,000 lb. Brown Boveri Coreless Induction
    Furnaces with 1500KW Power Supply
  • One 1,000 lb. Inductotherm Coreless Induction
    Furnace with 1500KW Power Supply
  • Fourteen Royer Pouring Tunnels

Quality Control & Testing Equipment

  • Two Thermo Scientific ARL3460 spectrometers capable of running, but not limited to, carbon steel, stainless and nickel-base materials
  • Two 5,000 AMP Magna-Flux Magnetic Particle
    Testers, Type H-710
  • Dye Penetrant Capabilities
  • One Pittsburgh Instrument & Machine Company
    Brinell Hardness Tester with 1-20X Bausch & Lomb
  • One Detroit Testing Machine Company Hydraulic
    Brinell Hardness Tester Model PHL-3 with 1-20X
    HiLight Brinell Scope
  • Brinell Optical Scanning System, OS-300WC
  • Pantak HF320 X-Ray System

Air Power

  • 300hp Gardner-Denver Compressor
  • 200hp Gardner-Denver Compressor
  • 150hp Sullair Compressor
  • 150hp Ingersoll Rand Compressor
  • Two 125hp ATLAS COPCO
  • ManagAIR System

CAD Software

  • Four seats of Solid Edge 3D Solid Modeling

Casting Simulation

  • Two seats of MAGMA Soft Casting Simulation

Sand Testing Equipment

  • Two Hot Tensile testing machines
  • Two Dietert Detroit Sand Hardness Testers
  • Tow Melt Point Tests
  • Sieve Pan Screen Tests
  • Loss on Ignition Test
  • Shell Transverse Test

Sand Reclamation Equipment

(Capable of reclaiming 4.25 Tons of Sand/Hour)

  • One 200 Ton Trane Chiller
  • One Calcafire Thermal Reclaimer
  • One Deduster
  • One 200 Ton Sand Tower

Sand Coating Plant Equipment

(Capable of Coating 9.5 Tons of Sand/hour)

  • One 200 Ton Sand Tower
  • One 100 Ton Sand Tower
  • Four 40 Ton Coated Sand Towers
  • Sand Heater
  • Continuous Mixer
  • Batch Mixer
  • Thermal Oxidizer

Core & Mold Equipment

  • Two Shalco 15 X 20 Shell Molding Machines
  • Nine Shalco 20 X 30 Shell Molding Machines – Eight Setup For Tandem 30 x 40 Capability
  • Ten Shalco 16 X 24 Shell Molding Machines
  • Twelve Redford Shell Core Blowers
  • Ten Shalco U180 Shell Core Blowers
  • One CE Cast 300 lbs/min. High Speed Mixer for
    Airset Molding
  • Kloster Rollover

Cleaning & Gate Removal

  • Two ABB Robots Equipped to Torch and Grind
  • Three Pangborn 4-in-1 Reclaimers; 34 Cubic
    Foot Blast & Reclaimer
  • Two 34 Cubic Foot Pangborn Tumble Blast
  • Three Fox 30hp Snag Grinders with 30″ Wheels
  • Everett 20″ Abrasive Cut Off Saw
  • Thirty Two 1000 Amp Miller Air Arc
  • Two Arc & Wire Feed Welders
  • Assorted Hand Held Air Tools
  • Five Dake Presses (3-150Ton, 2-100Ton)
  • One Plasma Arc Cutter
  • Two AW Bell Belt Grinders #RGS460
  • Didion D-150 w/Media Drum
  • One Twenty cu.ft. Pangborn Tumble Blast
  • Eleven TIG Weld Stations

Laser Scanner

  • Creaform EXAscan

Heat Treating

  • Three Annealing & Normalizing Furnaces, capable
    of 2050° Maximum Temperature
  • 2 Water Quench
  • Quench & Temper Furnace with Polymer Quench
  • Four HTF Air Ratio Low Oxygen Heat Treat
  • Thermal Care Water Cooling System