Eagle Alloy

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High-Quality Steel Castings Made to Order

Eagle Alloy is a shell-mold foundry pouring many grades of carbon and stainless steels.  Compared to other steel casting companies, we offer a broad range of value-add services, including: 3-D solidification simulation software, in-house x-ray, advanced quality and delivery programs and a complete machining facility.

A “customer first” attitude is evident in everything we do. Also unique among steel casting companies, our sales department acts as our production control department. This allows us to consistently ship orders with the shortest lead time in the industry. We provide numerous avenues for customers to offer suggestions and receive feedback from us. Just ask our very first customer established in 1979. They are still with us!

Shell Molding

Our customers often refer to us as the best shell mold steel foundry in the nation. The shell mold process offers tolerances as close as +/- .030 per inch with excellent dimensional repeatability ensuring consistency from one order to the next. Perfect for medium to high quantity production runs.

Airset Molding

Our airset molding line is used to produce low quantity production runs with medium tolerances of +/- .060 per inch. It is also beneficial for providing quick prototypes before a shell pattern is produced.

For more information or literature detailing our operations, please e-mail our Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Jeff Cook . He and the rest of our experienced staff are eager to help you solve your steel casting problems.