Eagle Alloy

Eagle Alloy Videos

For a closer look at how Eagle Alloy manufactures high-quality steel castings, check out these videos on our company, our facilities and our shell molding process.

Intro to Eagle Alloy

As a recognized leader in the steel casting industry, Eagle Alloy has one of the finest shell molding facilities in the country, and offers a broad range of services to help you manage your project, including 3D solidification simulation software, used to detect and correct any problems prior to patterns being made and to ensure your parts meet all drawing and specification requirements.

Eagle Alloy Facility Tour

This tour of Eagle Alloy’s facilities in Muskegon, MI was produced as part of Discover Manufacturing Week 2020.

Shell Mold Process Animation

The shell molding (or shell casting) process is the industry standard for medium to high volume, commercial grade casting projects. This animation offers a better look at how the process works.

Intro to the Eagle Group

The Eagle Group is a world-class metalcaster made up of foundries–Eagle Alloy and Eagle Precision Cast Parts–and a machining facility, Eagle CNC Technologies.

For videos about other Eagle Group companies, please visit the main Eagle Group Manufacturers website.