Eagle Alloy

Terms & Conditions

Eagle Alloy Terms & Conditions

  • These terms and conditions supersede any other unless agreed to in writing.
  •  Our liability is limited to cost of our casting including associated freight and surcharges present at time of billing.
  •  Material Certifications are available upon request for an added cost. Cost of certifications depends on type requested.
  •  Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, shipping box / pallet billed separately.
  • Tooling invoice payment due 30 days after sample approval.
  •  Payment terms NET 30 days, unless otherwise specified by Eagle Alloy. Shipments may be held pending receipt of delinquent payments.
  •  INCOTERMS for freight for domestic shipments are EXW – Muskegon, MI and ship collect. For international shipments INCOTERMS are EXW – Muskegon, MI and ship collect.
  •  Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, casting cost does not include metal surcharge currently in effect.
  •  Surcharges are subject to monthly adjustment and are determined at the time of shipment.  Surcharges are calculated using rough casting weight.
  •  Minimum release value for Shell-molded product is $3,000.
  •  Sample lead time starts after all AQP issues have been satisfied.  Tooling price and lead time assumes customer can provide required CAD models.  Customer may contract with Eagle Alloy to create CAD models and drawings for an additional charge.
  •  All purchased tooling is the responsibility of the owner/customer to insure.
  •  Unless otherwise negotiated, castings will be produced to MSS-SP-55 Standard.
  •  Cancelled orders may be subject to cancellation charges if production has already been started.
  •  Credit for rejected castings limited to 12 months from shipment.
  •  Any tooling that is inactive for a 24 month period can be subject to storage fees.
  •  Eagle Alloy traditionally makes up to 10% over the order quantity to account for in-process loss. All acceptable castings will ship so the possibility of over shipments up to 10% of order quantity must be allowed. Eagle Alloy considers orders complete that ship within plus or minus 10% of order quantity.
  •  Our books and records, financial or otherwise, are the property of Eagle Alloy, Inc. and are not available for public inspection.
  •  Unless otherwise specified above or agreed to in writing, all terms and conditions follow standard foundry industry practice.