Eagle Alloy

Our Facilities

John Workman flight NEW Plant photos 2012The Eagle Alloy facility is 290,000 square feet and is located at 5142 Evanston Avenue in Muskegon, Michigan.

7:30 AM – 4:30 PM  Monday – Thursday
7:30 AM – 4:00 PM  Friday

Virtual Plant Tour

We know it’s important for you to tour our facilities and that’s why we’ve provided these photos as a first step in getting to know the Eagle Alloy. Watch the video or browse the photos below to see Eagle Alloy’s facilities, and our team of casting professionals, in action.

Equipment List

We have a printable version of the facilities list available for your convenience.

Eagle Alloy Facilities List

Last updated  3/8/2022

Melting & Pouring Equipment

  • Six 5,000 lb. Dual-Trak Inductotherm Coreless Induction Furnaces with two 1750+KW Power Supplies
  • Three 5,000 lb. Dual-Trak Inductotherm Coreless Induction Furnaces with 1750KW Power Supply
  • Two 5,000 lb. and one 1,000 lb. Inductotherm Coreless Induction Furnaces with 1500KW Power Supply
  • Fourteen Royer Pouring Tunnels

CAD Software

  • Four seats of Solid Edge 3D Solid Modeling package
  • One seat of Cimatron Software
  • One seat of Fusion 360

Casting Simulation

  • One seat of MAGMAsoft Solidification Simulation software (8-core license)

3D Laser Scanner

  • Keyence VL-500 3D scanner

Sand Testing Equipment

  • Two Hot Tensile testing machines
  • Two Dietert Detroit Sand Hardness Testers
  • Two Melt Point Test
  • Sieve Pan Screen Tests
  • Loss on Ignition (LOI) Test
  • Shell Transverse Test
  • One Dietert Ultrasonic Clay Scrubber
  • One AmScope Microscope
  • One Magnetic Agitator

Shell Core & Mold Equipment

  • One Shalco 15 X 20 Shell Molding Machine
  • Nine Shalco 20 X 30 Shell Molding Machines
    •  Eight Set up For Tandem 30 x 40 Capability
  • Eleven Shalco 16 X 24 Shell Molding Machines
  • Fifteen Redford Shell Core Machines
  • Eight Shalco U180 Shell Core Machines

Airset Core & Mold Equipment

  • One Palmer Mixer High Speed Auger Mixer for Airset Molding (300lbs/min)
  • One Kloster Rollover

Cleaning & Gate Removal

  • Three ABB Robots Equipped for Grinding Castings
  • One Pangborn 4-in-1 Reclaimer; 34 Cubic Foot Blast & Reclaimer
  • Three 34 Cubic Foot Pangborn Tumble Blast
  • Eight Fox 30hp Snag Grinders with 30″ Wheels
  • Thirty-Two 1000 Amp Miller Air Arcs
  • Two Arc & Wire Feed Welders
  • Assorted Handheld Air Tools
  • Six Dake Presses (two 150-Ton, four 100-Ton)……………….
  • Two Hand Plasma Arc Cutters
  • Two AW Bell Belt Grinders #RGS460
  • One Didion D-150 w/Media Drum
  • Seven TIG Weld Stations

Sand Coating Plant Equipment

(Capable of Coating 9.5 Tons of Sand/Hour)

  • One 200 Ton Sand Tower
  • One 100 Ton Sand Tower
  • Four 40 Ton Coated Sand Towers
  • Sand Heater
  • Continuous Mixer
  • Batch Mixer
  • Thermal Oxidizer

Quality Control & Testing Equipment

  • Two Thermo Scientific ARL3460 spectrometers capable of running, but not limited to, carbon steel, stainless and nickel-base materials
  • Two 5,000 AMP Magna-Flux Magnetic Particle Testers, Type H-710
  • Dye Penetrant Capabilities
  • One Pittsburgh Instrument & Machine Company Brinell Hardness Tester with 1-20X Bausch & Lomb Scopes
  • One Detroit Testing Machine Company Hydraulic Brinell Hardness Tester Model PHL-3 with 1-20X HiLight Brinell Scope
  • One Brinell Optical Scanning System, OS-300WC
  • One Pantak HF320 X-Ray System

Heat Treating

  • Three Annealing & Normalizing Furnaces, capable of 2050° Maximum Temperature
  • Two Water Quench Tanks
  • One Quench & Temper Furnace with Polymer Quench System (2-rack capability)
  • Six HTF Air Ratio Low Oxygen Heat Treat Furnaces
  • One Thermal Care Water Cooling System

Air Power

  • 300hp Gardner-Denver Compressor
  • 350hp ATLAS COPCO Variable Speed Compressor
  • 200hp Gardner-Denver Compressor
  • 150hp Ingersoll Rand Compressor
  • Two 125hp ATLAS COPCO
  • One 150hp ATLAS COPCO
  • ManagAIR System

Sand Reclamation Equipment

(Capable of reclaiming 4.25 Tons of Sand/Hour)

  • One 200 Ton Trane Chiller
  • One Calcafire Thermal Reclaimer
  • One Deduster
  • One 200 Ton Sand Tower
  • One Simpson Proclaim Clay Scrubber

Updated 3/8/2022