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Foundry in a Box Teaches 6th Graders How to Pour Metal Castings

Oakridge Foundry in a BoxMarch 18, 2015   AFS News

Sixth graders at Oakridge Upper Elementary School, Muskegon Mich., dug their hands in sand to build molds to make castings last week as part of an AFS Foundry in a Box demonstration.

Reg Crowe, retired, Jill Koebbe, Air & Water Compliance Group, Jeff Cook, Eagle Alloy Inc., and Rob Kriger, Eagle Alloy Inc., led students in Mrs. Rikki Grave’s 6th grade science class on Friday, March 13, showing them how to make a sand mold, pour molten tin, remove the sand from the solidified casting and clean the casting’s surface.

Since its inception, the Foundry in a Box has been utilized at events and schools throughout the country. For more information on Foundry in a Box, click here.

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